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Air1 Insurance provides thousands of people real peace of mind when it comes to their aircraft. 

Whether it is your business, hobby, or passion, Air1 Insurance gives you the quote you want with professional first class service as the priority. 

Unlike many other brokerage’s who only have an Aviation Department, our main focus is on the Aviation Industry. Located at an Airport and with pilots on staff, we are familiar with the procedures and coverage requirements of aircraft owners.

Our self‐motivated, hard working team is ready to assist you. Our expertise in the Aviation Industry allows us to negotiate the best prices with the best specific coverage’s for you. We keep you informed and educated on matters of Aviation Insurance. Never be left out of the loop again!
Helicopter & Commercial Insurance
Does Your Insurance Broker Think an Apron is for The Kitchen?

Those of us who take to the skies have our own lingo. In fact, there are over 300 terms unique to aviation. Does your general insurance broker speak our language?

If they don't, you may be risking more than a frustrating conversation. Inadequate coverage and inaccurate applications can be pricey mistakes and this risk is unavoidable when aviation is foreign to your broker.

We were founded by an experienced pilot and aircraft owner. Our team understands your needs, knows aviation and understands the nuances of aviation insurance better than anyone in Canada. When you work with Air1, you will feel secure knowing you have the best possible coverage from Canada's most knowledgeable Aviation Insurance Advisers.

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*An Apron is the part of an airport for loading and unloading passengers and cargo, refueling, and any aircraft movement necessary to accomplish this.
Aviation Insurance products we offer include:
  • Commercial Aircraft Insurance
  • UAV Insurance
  • Corporate Aviation Insurance
  • Non-Owned Corporate Aviation Insurance
  • Flight Training Operators Insurance
  • Float Plane Operators Insurance
  • Private Aircraft Insurance
  • Agricultural Applicators Aviation Insurance
  • Helicopter Insurance  
Private Aircraft Insurance

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