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UAV Drone Insurance
UAV Insurance Coverage and Packages we offer:

  • Real Estate
  • Surveying (Sand pits, Road Work Etc.)
  • Agricultural 
  • Forestry 
  • Aerial Photography
  • Traffic Patrol 
  • Filming and Production
  • Weddings and Special Events 
  • Demo and Testing 
  • Flight Training               

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Transport Canada offers user guidelines for your UAV. Are you familiar with them?

Can you use two remotes at one time while flying a UAV? 
Under the exemptions you can have only one pilot operating the UAV with one remote control but you can have a second person operating the payload from their remote control unit. 

Do you know how to find out which weight category your UAV fits into? 
You add the total weight of your UAV and the payload attached to it, so if you have heavy lift motors and a big battery with a DJI F450 you could possiby be no longer in the category under 2KG but will be in the 2KG to 25KG Category. ​

If you fit in the Exemptions between 2KG and 25KG who do you need to notify before doing a job and what details do they need?
If you are between 2 KG and 25 KG you need to send an advisory email to Transport Canada at: 10 days prior to using your UAV which includes your Name, Address, Telephone number, e-mail, Model of UAV(s), Serial numbers(s) where appropriate, Type of work being conducted, and Geographic boundaries of the operation; Or you can fill out UAV (Drone) Exemption Notification Form Here .

What is the definition of Built Up Area?
Built-up areas are considered areas with groups of buildings or dwellings including anything from small hamlets to major cities. Anything larger than a farmstead should be considered a built up area. 
For the full 'Guidance Material for Operating UAV Systems Under an Exemption' PDF -  Click Here .