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"I have been dealing with Dave Fitzpatrick for 12 years now. My satisfaction level continues to be high with Air1 Insurance. Anyone would be wise to check with them before buying their insurance."




-J.H from Saskatchewan, Canada

"Air1 Insurance was a good company to work with and I would send other businesses their way without hesitation ."


-M.T from Alberta, Canada

"It's a pleasure doing business with [Air1 Insurance]. They were very quick, competitive, and professional."




-D.F. from Ontario, Canada


Thank you very much for your immediate response... Awesome. You managed to get me in the air on severely short notice. My schedule usually ends up being very sporadic and tends to change by the hour... You have been great, honestly... Fantastic. Being so isolated and on such a random schedule having people like you on my team is a real asset. Thank you again for your cooperation and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

— C.W. from British Columbia, Canada

"Thanks for the great attention to details in your service. I am happy to be insured for another year and that [Air1] has the travel insurance for me."




-B.K. from British Columbia, Canada

"I have been a client with Air 1 Insurance for over 10 years. During that time, Air 1 Insurance has always made every reasonable effort to find the best possible insurance package which would fit my aircraft insurance needs. Without a doubt, customer satisfaction is their number one priority."


-K.M. from Alberta, Canada

"As always, thank you Air1 Insurance for your great aviation insurance brokerage services.."




-A.V. from Ontario, Canada

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